14 Million American Consumers scanned QR or Barcodes with their mobile devices in June 2011

Interactive Product Tour


Multi-media product presentations for online shoppers.
Introducing the most innovative media toolkit for creating dynamic product presentations for online shoppers. Our proprietary, non-Adobe Flash technology is based on HTML5 and other open source products that, in combination, offer the most expansive design options. Typical features include image galleries, 360° spinning imagery, product videos, zoom function, i-Call-outs that provide enhanced product information, technical specifications, add-to-cart functionality, and more. The result is a more stimulating and engaging user experience and ultimately higher conversion rates.


Interactive Product Tours offer these benefits and more:
Plug-in free: NO ADOBE FLASH or movie players needed to view imagery
Imagery viewable on all mobile devices including smart phones and tablet computers with faster downloads
360° view with detailed product information increases conversion rates while decreasing returns
Easy implementation with virtually any platform
Custom “iCall-out” technology highlights specific product features
Zoom capability on any angle
Instant magnification and minimal load times extends the user experience
Built-in analytics software tracks user experience